Prologue Insurance Staff

Prologue Insurance staff

This might sound very over the top or cheap, but the staff at Prologue, are all very unique. All come from very humble backgrounds, who all understand the sense of belonging. We have trained ourselves, to help clients achieve personal goals, and we are very proud to say that no sale is ever commission driven.

We have the mentality to make sure the client is presented with what they need.

Once you have read some of our staff's short credentials you will understand.

Martin Sanders
Armand Moolman
Sentebaleng Ramasia
Conroy Dooling
Cathleen Nortje
Jeffrey Riyandane
Griffith Peters
Claude Rodrigues
Jackie Kemp
Jordi Sanders
Paballo Diaho
Sibusiso Mbongo
Christopher Palmer
Kgomotso Motloung
Brett Ellis
Frank Aglioti
Richard Jacobs
Ryan Raynard
Tshepo Mofokeng

Prologue Insurance Service

We believe that planning your future, is like training for any ultra-sports event.

You need to choose an event – (select the company you would like to work with)

You need advice on the event you have entered – (allow an experienced advisor to advise you)

You need to enter the event – (select the product you would like to start with)

I am sure you will agree if you put your mind to it, you can achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

You need to make sure that you have been given the best advice and purchased the most affordable equipment, that suit your needs – (get into the correct product range)

Now you need to start training – (you need to make sure that all payments are met)

In the preparation for the event you will have set backs, (injuries /flu) – (sure you might miss a premium, but let us know so arrangements can be made, so your money is not lost)

At Prologue we try prepare a client, like a trainer trains an athlete for the gruelling Tour de France. As we are of the opinion it is very difficult to prepare for the future, as no one knows what is around the corner. In a nut shell, one might die before the expected time or one will get to retirement age and will not be able to finish their race. Surely one would like to save money for a special holiday or a life-long dream?

Extentional Services

We therefore believe and would like to put it 5 stages of what will or could happen on the way to the finish, as there is no greater feeling than crossing the finish line in any race.

Stage one

you have to get to the start

Stage two

put yourself in a decent position, so as not to fall and be prepared to look after yourself during the race.

Stage three

there are definitely going to be some very hard stages, huge mountains, which you have to get over in order for you to get to the winning line.

Stage four

there is a very good chance of bad weather on the way

Stage five

and yes you might crash and fall out of the race. This is not the end of the world.

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